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Innovative cooperation




DailyFresh Logistics

DailyFresh Logistics is a partnership between Post-Kogeko, Visbeen, and DFDS. It specializes in chilled (conditioned) groupage and the transport of full loads to the United Kingdom.

Fruit, vegetables, and potatoes are transported from a large area of the Netherlands to the United Kingdom. Every day, DailyFresh supplies many fresh-produce shops and wholesalers, quickly and efficiently.



Peter Appel

Peter Appel primarily performs contract distribution for the retail and food-service markets from various locations all over the Netherlands. Thanks to the great similarities in activities, standards, and values, and the complementary geographical distribution, Post-Kogeko and Peter Appel have decided to join forces. At a tactical level, the schedule will be shared with each other and linked together, ensuring the elimination of wastage as far as possible.

In addition, Post-Kogeko has set up a training programme together with Peter Appel in order to satisfy the legal supplementary training requirements.






In addition to the DailyFresh Logistics partnership, Post-Kogeko and Visbeen also work together to be able to guarantee a network covering the whole of Europe for the supply of fresh and frozen foodstuffs.

Visbeen specializes in the temperature-controlled transport of chilled, fresh, and frozen products (groupage and full loads). Visbeen offers transport solutions throughout Europe by road, water, and rail.